Thursday, December 14, 2017

Straight & sleek


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There are different types of curls. Loose curls, tight curls and fine stringy curls. For tight/ loose curly hair, relaxers or even keratin treatments can be used. This will help tame your hair and can make your hair more manageable and less stressful. If you are considering a keratin treatment, do not look forward to having your original curls back with one wash. The keratin lasts for four months and requires specific keratin shampoos and conditioners to be used or else having the treatment done would be a waste. For an inexpensive treatment, you can try a permanent solution by relaxing your hair. Depending on the fast growth of your hair, you may have to relax every four weeks. Should you decide that you want to go back to your "original" curls, the growing out stages may be somewhat stressful. Whereas, some women sometimes cut out where the relaxer remained and start all over fresh.

Styling tools you may want to use to get your hair at its fullest potential are, blow dryers, blow drying brushes and a flat iron. Boar bristles are a preferred choice. Boar bristles are quite hard and densely packed in the brush. This may scare you off at first because you're afraid of ripping your hair. But don't worry. The hard bristles are very tough and they are perfect for thick, dense hair. In fact, these brushes are perfect for African hair that is typically hard to manage.

The hard boar bristles are very effective at removing dirt, dust and debris from the hair because they are so densely packed. When you are using your brush to clean your hair, it's important to start away from the scalp first and then you can progress to the scalp to receive even more benefits from your brush.

The other excellent feature of a boar bristle brush is the massaging effect. The hard bristles stimulate the scalp, increasing the blood flow which can be very relaxing and soothing. The stimulation of the scalp also spreads the natural oils of the scalp the sebum through the hair and down the hair shaft. This results in smoother, healthier hair that is soft and manageable. Increasing the blood flow to the scalp has been linked to stimulating hair growth, creating thicker and longer hair as well.

If you try to force your hair through the flat iron, you may get a "fish hook" type look or ridges at the roots of your hair, so try to move the iron in the direction your hair grows. This will give you a smoother look. Do not expect perfection the first time you use your iron. It takes practice. Use small sections at first, to get the feel of how your hair flows. With time and a little effort, your new style will look great.

One of the best benefits of roller setting is that it allows you to style your hair in a way that eliminates direct heat. Setting your hair in rollers (the good old fashion way) will aid in preventing frizz as this poses less stress on the hair without having to flat iron. Roller sets are probably the best way to achieve curls that hold. Another one of the awesome benefits of roller setting is that it helps to keep your hair healthy by sealing in moisture.

Since you're styling your hair while it's soaking wet and then drying it over time, the water and moisturisers have a chance to sink in. This is especially important if your hair is relaxed bone straight. Whereas, constantly flat ironing your hair may cause breakage and dryness and your hair may appear unhealthy and "burnt".

If you've tried a roller set, I'm sure you have been able to tell the difference. The hair feels softer and moisturized versus hard and dry.

Happy styling!