Sunday, February 25, 2018


2014 edition


Mark Fraser

Yes, I did my own poll. I didn’t even have to approach people with a clipboard and library-chic eyeglasses to get feedback. While I directly asked women from various districts, some of my feedback was gained simply by listening attentively to conversations that did not involve me (some may call that eavesdropping, but whatever!).

Don’t think that women don’t hold secret thoughts about men in a lustful or “I can at least look” kinda of way. So, I present to you the top ten sexiest men of soca — for this year anyway (some of us change our minds often). By way of ‘votes’, I was able to figure out who earned a higher spot than another.

So whatever ‘floats your boat’, I’m positive a few of these guys met your fancy.

10 - Benjai

Apparently, some women love that he seems to have that personality where he can be um, manly when it comes to ‘handling his stories’. (If you’re a Trini, you would certainly know what I mean by this!) It’s just his ‘natural swag’ that make some females give him a second glance.


With a lean, rock-hard body that he’s known for, Shurwayne’s fans generally love his friendly, boy-next-door appeal. Opinions imply that he seems like a gentleman who can make you swoon with romantic gestures and crooning but his ‘switch’ to more provocative songs caused some women to raise their eyebrows, wondering, “I wonder what would happen…”


Since he assumed the bald look, his appeal increased significantly. His ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ countenance works for him and women essentially just find him to be good eye candy.


Don’t underestimate a cup of chocolate. The ‘Jab Jab’ man could possibly frighten children with his voice but women love it’s bass. His bold stage performances lend to that ‘man in charge’ confidence that can attract a woman. Not being one to remove his shirt on stage is of no consequence to women as this isn’t necessary to tout a man as sexy.


There is a saying that when a man gets married, that just makes him more appealing to women. I don’t know if this is the case with Mr Du Bois but he has something that women like. Oddly enough, many women couldn’t quite put their finger on what exactly made him so engaging but many, many women like this ‘bacchanalist’. One woman mentioned though, that he has this “sweet, cute way about him”.


The ‘landslide comment’ regarding the artiste with one of the sweetest songs for the season, stunned me. Interestingly, I got more favourable responses from women over 55! It seems that many older women (I said ‘older’, not ‘old’!) see Farmer Nappy as someone who tickles their um, ‘cougar fetish’. I wonder if him singing this year about ‘big people party’ – referring to more mature people – has anything to do with these women taking more notice.


Yes, Mr Killa! Undoubtedly swamped with Carnival commitments, Mr Killa narrowly missed being in the ‘Top Three’. Well, for your information, women cannot stop talking about his ‘skills’. If you’ve seen his music video for ‘Rolly Polly’, you would see what they’re talking about – and what I’ve watched…over and over. He’s not a tall, muscular guy but his wining abilities, agile movements (not missing a beat to wine immediately after!!!) and his athleticism… I’ve heard girls weighing 150 lbs and less say that they’ll be his roly-poly any time!


Exuding a raw sexual essence, ‘Double M’ actually appeals to women from their 20s to 50s. The consensus was that his lyrics and the way he delivers the lyrics get their attention. Clearly, ‘sexy’ for some females is the raw, unfiltered manner. You know, the guy who will flip you, tip you, dip you… Oh, and they ‘salivatingly’ lap up the way he uhhh, manipulates those jerking pelvic movements during performances. (I really miss his days of ‘dizzying’ gyrations though). Yeh-haaaaa!

2 - KEES

The one who pleads, “pleeeeeeeeeeease, gyal…” in ‘Siddung’, has a ‘good guy/bad boy’ charm. He can be doing an interview all gentlemanly and polite and then transform hours later into a shirtless, glistening with sweat, teasingly sexual creature! According to one person, he’s to us what we might be to a man – “a lady in the streets but a …”


Well, at No. 1, Bunji Garlin is still the “girls dem darling”. The ‘mogul viking’ as I now call him, has an air of mystery that females seem to like. His powerful voice commands attention, whether he’s doing an interview or about to ‘freestyle’ on stage. His cool, effortless nature screams that a man doesn’t have to be loud to be heard. Some women claim that him just standing quietly for an extended period of time on stage, just staring at the crowd intently – and especially with a slight smirk – is a turn-on. Speaking of which, have you seen his eyes in his official photos? Rrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh!