Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Model


Mark Fraser


Mark Fraser

As the Miss TT World 2011 production "Beauty in the Making" continues its pace, the special Award of Top Model comes to action. The Fashion is never left behind as the girls compete for not only the prestigious crown but also the prize of a modelling contract from Top New York Fashion model Agency BOSS Models. The Top Model Award is granted to the girl who performs best during the countless photo shoots and REVLON make-up sessions. The Fashion Runway segment which is to take place on the night of the final show will also be crucial to the decision of the winner of this glamorous award. Director of BOSS Models David Bossman , photographer Calvin French and REVLON's Dianne Mongru will together judge and select the lucky girl who will also receive a 6 month model contract with local fashion outlet Bang Bang. The winner will be announced during the final show which is held at the fantastic Cascadia Hotel on Fri 6th May. The Cascadia Hotel, Caribbean Belle Magazine, Haagen Dazs Ice cream, Long Circular Health and Fitness Club, Micles and the Tourism Development Committee all together aid in producing the event.



Blaanix by Bang Bang



Make-up for REVLON

Dianne Mongru

and Arlene Lall


Calvin French


Queen’s Park Savannah/ The Waterfront