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Lydia Ramesar owner of TruKomplexion Unisex Medi-Spa shows how the energy 900 machine works.

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Ramesar talks about the products in the Oxygen Botanical line.

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Combining the best in beauty and skin care with state-of-the-art technology, newly opened TruKomplexion Unisex Medi-Spa has a new oxygen facial fit for the stars.

Oxygen Botanicals is one of the much sought after brands in the beauty industry used by many including American celebrities like Heather Locklear and Molly Sims to get their "Hollywood red carpet ready" looks.

Beautiful skin is always in and TruKomplexion Unisex Medi-Spa is now offering their customers one of Hollywood's best kept beauty secrets. Oxygen Botanicals is a Canadian manufactured product developed by Valerie Dumont, one of the leading names in the beauty and pharmaceutical industry. Oxygen Botanicals is considered one of the first skincare lines in the world that has succeeded in trapping, encapsulating and stabilising pure oxygen in creams and serums without the use of hydrogen peroxide. It contains time-released nutrients which target and help treat common skin aliments such as oily skin, dry skin, acne, wrinkles, sagging skin and much more.

Trinidad native, Lydia Ramesar is the owner of TruKomplexion Unisex Medi-Spa located on La Pastora Road, Santa Cruz Valley. She is the sole distributor for the Oxygen Botanical line in Trinidad. Ramesar, a Canadian-trained certified advanced medical aesthetician has combined her knowledge of medical aesthetics with her education in the medical field to integrate her passion for skin care and health.

Ramesar was a senior analyst at Rogers Cable in Toronto for over 20 years. After her company started to downsize Ramesar says though she was good at what she did, she did not want to go back into the same field and opted to do something different. She sought to get herself certified as a medical aesthetician and after opening her own spa in Toronto, Ramesar said she yearned to come back to the land of her birth and apply all that she had learned.

She said, "I have always had this passion for skincare and health; looking good; being good and feeling good and so I decided it was time to come back home (Trinidad) and help people get rid of their acne, hyperpigmentation, oily skin and achieve that clean clear matte face."

"While I had many clients overseas, when I moved back here (Trinidad) I wanted to use a skin care line suited for West Indian people or people of colour. I carry a facial peel that not only caters for people of colour but also those who have sensitive skin," she said.

"With this facial peel if you can't eat it; don't put it on your skin that's what I always say," she added.

Ramesar said, "Trinidadians have become sophisticated spa users. They know about glycolic peels. They also know about micro-dermabrasion. They expect courteous service and visible results. I just want to help people; both male and female feel more confident in showing their true complexions! By combining Oxygen Botanical cosmecueticals and protocols with the oxygen delivery system, TruKomplexion Unisex Medi-Spa delivers what Hollywood now accepts as the norm.

"My choice of Oxygen Botanicals is based on their use of Japanese Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Extract a potent antioxidant. This extract is itself infused with pure oxygen and other nutrients that are time-released into the skin using catezomes, an advanced liposome delivery system. This has the potential to infuse up to 100 per cent pure oxygen into the skin increasing the production of new skin cells," she added.

"An Oxygen Botanical Facial treatment would take approximately one hour and 15 minutes and clients can usually see visible results from the first treatment. It is important to note that the products are not chemically derived; they are botanical," she said.

Using machines such as the energy 900 which assists in age management; the dermapod which assists in microdermabrasion, Ramesar said both machines along with another machine called the high frequency machine all assist in treating acne.

"The oxygen line is combined with a serum which contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body, in the joints, eyes and skin. When we are young our skin is nice and plump and as we age we tend to lose hyaluronic acid whereby we start to see fine lines and wrinkles. Oxygen Botanicals along with the hyaluronic acid helps to combat the signs of aging," she said.

According to Ramesar the benefits of Oxygen Botanical Facials will not only help improve the skin but also treat the following:

Relieves stress and muscle tension that causes deep wrinkles

Removes environmental impurities from the upper layer of the skin (epidermis)

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces the effects of sun damage, and age spots

Controls blemishes and prevent acne breakouts

Evens out skin tone and complexion

Increases blood circulation, promoting collagen production

Restores your skin's radiance, and destroys surface bacteria

Ramesar noted that Oxygen Botanicals facial treatments are customised to treat clients' skin type and conditions by using from the wide range of products which include:

Milk Cleansers to remove facial impurities and make-up

Gel Toner to balance the skin's PH level

Day cream to protect the skin from environment damage with maximum moisture retention

Night Cream to hydrate and provide a barrier against damage from the sun and pollutants

Exfoliate unclogged pores, removing dead and damaged skin cells

Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel stimulates, energizes and rebalances the skin's PH levels

Deep pore and self-active cleanser

Hydrating Mask to revive and refresh adding moisture back into the skin

Multi-Fruit Refiner (10%AHA) to prevent toxin build up

Anti-Oxidant Cream powerful anti-aging, anti-free radical to prevent toxin build-up

Serums including: Vitamin C/ Eye/Anti-Oxidant/Enzyme Peel/Acne Dilated Pore/ Specialty Blemish/ Hydrating/ Wrinkle/Hyperpigmentation/Face Lifting and Anti-Aging

SPF 30 to combat the damaging rays of the sun

She also noted that apart from the benefits to the skin, pure oxygen Inhalation can improve energy and cell reproduction, increase blood circulation, has healing properties that help with burns, acne and post-surgical wounds.

TruKomplexion Unisex Medi-Spa apart from their Oxygen Botanicals line also offers spa-goers Silhouet-Tone non-surgical face-lifts and skin rejuvenation, featuring microdermabrasion and light technologies. Also available are medical grade peels such as the Vi Peel formulated specifically for darker skin types and the Dr Schrammek (green tea) Peel. Other services include a Men's Program, inhaled oxygen, waxing, skin tag (growing flesh) removal, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage and nail services using chip and crack resistant CND Shellac, she said.

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