Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Thinking out loud

Carolyn Correia's first book, Thinking out Loud, is a collection of inspirational articles that promises to keep us coming back for more as it captivates readers with a realism that rings true for any age or occasion in life.

The name was chosen by a colleague as it aptly puts into words what we often think about but seldom discuss. It takes us on a journey as we take an introspective look at some of the deeper issues that we face on a daily basis that we think no one else understands.

The viewpoint is universal and open to all religions and denominations, cultures and schools of thought. Some of the topics include career and passion, family and relationships, the true meaning of Christmas, a tribute to parents, celebrating milestones and much more. The final chapter reflects on the past year and charts the way forward with some New Year resolutions.

The author who is no stranger to the Woman Express attempts to provide food for thought for readers in search of finding their purpose, self-actualisation, healing or reaching for their dreams as she says "nothing is impossible with faith and determination even if it takes a lifetime as the rewards grow sweeter with time." She reveals that many people are searching for different things in life and often some of us miss the meaning right in front of our faces as it is to be derived in the simple things that we often take for granted."

Her motto is "to thine own self be true" and tries to live every moment to the fullest so as to have no regrets tomorrow. When asked what was her ultimate goal she responded with a quote from the first chapter of her book: "Measure your success by the happiness that you feel in your heart when you arise each morning; when it begins to get contagious and those around you feel it too, you know that you have achieved your purpose."

"Learned, inspired, heartfelt. This is a charming and nicely written philosophical collection."

—Lulu Enterprises, Inc (USA)

About the Author

Carolyn K Correia is a creative, literary enthusiast whose first love is writing. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the West Indies and a Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. She has formal training in Broadcasting, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and classical piano, theory and practical with the Royal School of Music (UK). Carolyn has considerable professional experience in the fields of Human Resource Management and Communications and is also a freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in several publications in her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. She loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, photography, movies and blogging as a means of release—the latter which she says is "instinctual and cathartic."

Thinking out Loud is available at RIK Bookstores nationwide and online at lulu.com.