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Toni SuratSingh

Infusing colour and style — a creative collaboration


Toni SuratSingh

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Feast your eyes on a mosaic styled table top with various shades of blue in an abstract form but without the traditional designs that we are most familiar with.

Instead it's a creative collaboration between a designer and a wrought iron company, the product a functional but fashionable perfectly square table designed for a bar to be used as a drinks table in a signature lounge area.

This is but one of the many creative collections of interior designer Toni SuratSingh.

Her diverse repertoire of interior designs, the main services offered by her company Toni Crockett Designs, infuse both colour and contemporary styles to a living and working space. From the bar jump straight into the bedroom. SuratSingh's imaginative concoctions inject couture but comfort into one's personal zone. "My starting point for any bedroom is the fabric, however, for this 13-year-old's room the inspiration came from the beautifully hand carved Indian bed. Soft lilac coloured walls instill a soothing feeling in this bedroom, while the medium brown wood tones add richness and warmth. Keeping my client's tastes in mind, and her specific request of a 'not too girly' bedroom I introduced just a few soft and feminine pillows to add texture and elegance in a very understated girly way," explains SuratSingh when describing one of her recent pieces of work.

Toni Crockett Design, a Trinidad-based Interior Design firm, owned and operated by SuratSingh began in 2002 as Toni Designs. Since its inception and up till today, the company has been a prime provider of colour consultation and interior design for residential and commercial clients.

A certified interior decorator, the passionate graduate of George Brown College, Toronto was born and raised in Trinidad, but moved to Canada to further her career in the creative field. "Growing up I always had a passion for colour and fine detail. The energy and colour of my childhood environment are what inspired me to follow my creative path which lead me to the George Brown College, Toronto, Canada and their renowned Interior Decorating Programme," declares SuratSingh.

Her unique patterns and services which range from one-off colour consultations to design and project management for full home renovation projects (including kitchen design, floor plans, specialty wall finishes, soft furnishings and finishes and fixture selection) have earned her a raving reputation. Of course her diverse clientele which can comprise of the very elite to the very simple always get their money's worth — a balance of bold yet attainable design. "I am passionate about creating an interior environment that suits each client, I love to infuse my projects with unique colour, textural materials, and an eclectic collection of furniture styles to achieve a result that's a perfect mix of sophistication and warmth," she exudes.

Prior to re-launching her company as Toni Crockett Design this year, SuratSingh also worked as a design consultant for various companies. Just recently she was part of the interior design team at a high-end residential design firm in Toronto, working on major projects ranging from multi-wing luxury homes to upscale urban lofts with a specialty in bathroom renovation. For further information on Toni Crockett Design either contact 868-384-9483 or email and log on to website

Toni's Tips for Home Decor

Matching Sets

Its always safe to buy a matching sofa set or dining set….but we are from an island of diverse people and culture…why not embrace that and carry that idea through selecting our furniture.. Choose one main piece of furniture that you love and introduce different pieces of a similar style but perhaps in a different colour or pattern for even more of a wow factor.

Let's not forget the incredible affordability of mixing and matching, either. When you don't have to worry about matching items, you can find pieces from all sorts of sources. And mixing and matching also let's you have the best of both worlds: if you happen to be torn between different styles, you can have one of each!

The Fifth Wall

Your ceiling is your 5th wall. By using a colour instead of white on the ceiling, it brings a horizontal space into the rest of the room and completes the look. White is a very strong colour and when used on a ceiling, your eye naturally gravitates to it when entering a room. Even a warm off white with undertones of gold for example will complement colours in the flooring, furniture, fabrics if they all have a similar gold undertones. Painted ceilings look best paired with muted walls — otherwise, you might end up with a room that feels overwhelming or claustrophobic. That said, with the right hue, adding colour to your ceiling is a creative and easy way to redecorate without buying new furniture or accessories.

Double Vision

A mirror hung to reflect a window gives the illusion of another window in the room. The space will look bigger and with sunny skies, brighter. Cheap, cheerful and bright; not to be cliché!

On the Bright Side

I think there is a difference between bold colour and bright colour. Bright gives off a light of its own and can be very jarring in a room (think canary yellow, electric lime, hot fuchsia). Bold colour has a lot of life, but doesn't burn your retinas to look at it. Go bold I say, but avoid bright unless you wear your sunglasses inside most of the time.

First Impressions

First impressions count. When greeted with a welcoming, tidy front door, you can be sure that your guests will feel more welcome and comfortable and that as we all know, is the intention of any homeowner. The elements of a great front entrance are basic and affordable.

Whether small or large, fully landscaped or decorated with just a few potted plants, these basic tips can improve the first impression of your home 1) adequate lighting, 2) a brightly painted or architecturally interesting front door, 3) a clean-swept front entry, 4) plants that soften the angles of the house. If you can master these four elements, you'll have a great front door as well.