Monday, January 22, 2018

Weirdest reasons for divorce


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The increase in divorce rates worldwide shocks almost no one anymore. News of someone getting divorced or who got divorced is often met with nonchalance or an "Oh?', followed by a change of topic.

Divorce can be painful, emotionally and financially draining and even adversely impacting on children. Some people have said that they left their spouses because they constantly left the toilet seat up or they never remembered their birthday and experts argue and maintain that these are merely excuses and could never be the real reasons. Many times the motivation behind divorce is abuse, sexual dissatisfaction, simple boredom and infidelity, among other things.

We can say that it is a serious matter but would you know that some people around the world have infused the topic with humour because of the reasons for their divorce? This is one time something about divorce can make you laugh.

In this first instance, I am uncertain in which part of the world this couple lived. Apparently, a woman asked for a divorce because she could not stand seeing her husband cleaning the house anymore. She felt he was obsessed with cleaning as he would do all of the household chores. The husband actually destroyed a wall and rebuilt it because it was too dirty; that's when she decided that a divorce was necessary!

Then there is a woman in Saudi Arabia who called her husband on his cellphone and discovered that he had left the phone at home. Upon checking the phone, she realised that with her call, the name that appeared on the screen was "Guantanamo". She later said that she could not continue living with a man who nicknamed her after a prison and she filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage.

One couple in China headed to divorce because the man's wife would not stop feeding him cakes daily that she had made for dessert. The man said he had become disgusted at just the mention of the word 'cake'. Couldn't he have just refused to eat it?

Imagine you are 83 years old and discover that your 81-year-old husband was cheating on you! One such woman found her husband making love to a woman 30 years his junior! He had forgotten to pull the curtains in his office! I wonder how that 'evidence' stood up in court?!

This example's origin is unknown as well. One man sought to divorce his wife after one year because her shyness prevented them from consummating their marriage. He couldn't wait any longer and called it quits.

Now this one features the quintessential Mama's boy! After getting married, a young Italian woman found her new mother-in-law waiting at the airport, ready to go on the honeymoon with the newlyweds. The honeymoon lasted three weeks and so did the marriage essentially because the new bride returned home and filed for divorce, claiming that her husband's exaggerated attachment towards his mother was too much.

There is a case of a Russian man who offered his wife up for a bet after running out of money while gambling. After losing that game, he had to give his wife to the other player. Upon hearing what her husband had done, the wife divorced him and seeking revenge, started a relationship with the man who "won" her!

Animals can be cute pets, loyal companions and well, reliable sources, I guess. This divorce took place in China again. Now there is a bird, the Chinese mynah bird, that is reputed for its ability to reproduce sounds. After returning home from a trip, a Chinese woman noticed that her mynah bird was repeating such words and phrases like "divorce", "be patient" and "I love you". Lo and behold, the bird had apparently learnt them from the husband's phone conversations with his mistress. She based her entire divorce on the bird talk!

These poor people, they made our lives a little richer with their satirically funny situations!