Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What's trending


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Black nail polish is one of the hottest trends around today with celebrities donning the black nail polish at gala events. Normal folk have followed the trend and have gone all black.

Elegantly waisted is another hot trend. Women are belting up and clinching tight. Many women are going for beautifully tailored garments and belted middles with the fashion focus on the waist. All eyes on the waist

This year designers have declared cobalt their primary colour they also declared purple the power colour and have focused on the materials from the orient in most of their collections.

Top notch trousers and black leather are also in demand.

Another hot trend is decorative heels. These heels are the key prize to footwear and is trending these day. These decorative heels have overshadowed plain heels is one of the hot trends in demand.