Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Women who 'man up' about the goodness of their men


The Marguerite Gordon column

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There are many times when men feel neglected and unappreciated. Women sometimes 'forget' that men have emotions and feelings just like us and they may feel for a hug or a kiss or some sort of affection or appreciation just like we would.

We need to remind ourselves to give as much as we want to take. A compliment or simple act can go a long way. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

So seeing that Christmas is a time when some people's gift lists are made according to who they considered to have been naughty or nice (that was not for children only, apparently), I decided to ask women a question.

If your husband/boyfriend/partner was to appreciate the sentiment of Santa Claus, what would you say has made him a good boy this year? What has he done for you to appreciate him even more?

Katrina shared, "It's not the expensive jewelry he gives me for my birthday, it's the little details like making my tea and putting it on the bedside table when he awakens before me. It's rubbing my tired feet as we watch a movie or toasting my bread just right. (Sigh) That's what makes him a great boy! Also, how could I forget, the unexpected text messages saying how much he loves me!"

Admittedly narcissistic in her response, Trudy said, "What made him a good boy is that he got married to me. Just kidding. I appreciate him even more because over the past year, Richard made sure to let me know and show me he cares. That is, paying attention to the little things that make me happy."

Shanti was in high praise of her husband, Chris. "Firstly, although Chris is Roman Catholic, he continues to support me thoroughly as a Hindu. Apart from that, he actually really did something special this year. We've been struggling since last year with work on the house. He decided to paint as much of the house as possible by himself, which includ- ed putting up scaffolding by himself and I mean upstairs and downstairs. Girl, he successfully painted the front and western side of the house, windows included. It was crazy! This boy came home from work and was painting in the night too. And he did this in two weeks while going to work five days of the week. I guess he knows it's important to me. In addition to all of that, he really helps a lot if he sees me overwhelmed with the laundry, cooking and our son, Luke. "

Frances jumped at the opportunity to heap praises on her husband. "For me it would definitely have to be how supportive my husband, Derrick has been in helping me build up the store that I opened. Starting this business has been a significant burden on our finances and our time. He has spent long hours installing hardware, packing out stock, working behind the desk when I'm not there, even making up bills and advising lady customers about fashion! Despite many days when we've asked ourselves if it's all worth it, he's been there with me shoulder to shoulder and despite any trepidation, we've persevered together. It has definitely made me love him even more. He's really been a good boy!"

Ria had a most peculiar angle. "For Carnival, I went to a fete with some friends but then we decided to pass in by another one after. Who I could see bouncing out but my boyfriend. I walk up to him and the girl and things happen. After that, anything I ask for, ah getting. He could do all he want because I can't stop him, apparently, but he will handle me. I have no problems since then. He sweet as ever.""

Rae, spoke of the sunshine of her life. "My husband, Gerard, has been a gem. I had surgery earlier this year and couldn't move around normally for some weeks. We have three children, 9, 7 and 4 years old. Gerard never called on family or anyone to help him get them ready for school. He would cook and he hates cooking and wash, iron their uniforms, pack their lunchkits, help them with homework. Sometimes when I was home alone, I would cry because I felt so blessed to have such a good husband. He would get home after a hard day he's a taxi driver and would make sure I was comfortable. Then he would go back out on the road. I can't believe I almost gave up on our marriage two years ago for petty stupidness. It took surgery for me to realise what I really had."

Aaaahhh... love can be so splendid.