Saturday, February 17, 2018

shave, wax or trim?


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Here's the situation… You are stranded in a foreign country and in order to be granted a safe trip back home, you have to make a choice: wax, shave or trim 'that area'? Okay, so it's nothing that dramatic. In your normal course of life, what is your preference?

Several months ago, I wrote about my first experience with a Brazilian Wax. The feedback was phenomenal to say the least. Ever so often, I still get remarks about that article.

I have to admit, I was a 'south' shaver but since experiencing waxing, I am 'hooked'. I admit, angling your legs and feet in certain positions without an OBGYN or health clinic employee present can be daunting at first but once you get past that feeling, it's a lifelong commitment.

People are so divided even in this 2012 and the topic, I have noticed, arises during the most casual of conversations. So, which is it for you? I must warn the men who are reading this article; some of these responses might affect some TMI (too much information) feelings on your part, but anyway, here goes.

Abigail, 27, said, "I hate having to shave all of the time. I had to shave every three days or every week. I started waxing and I love it because I don't have to worry about that for some weeks."

Dee, 31, said, "Shave! I don't like unnecessary pulling there!"

Carla, 21, shared her preference. "Shaving! Shaaaaving! It could be a pain to shave all the time but…"

Angie, 43, was indignant. "Not me and allyuh young people and that waxing thing! Why I must put all that hot wax on Miss Mary? Tell me, why.? That is wickedness to myself. Shaving all the way, girl!"

'Tiny', 55, was split. "Sometimes I shave and sometimes I wax. Sometimes I don't have time to go and get a wax so I shave at home. Any one is fine with me."

Peaches, 47, had this much to say, "None. Girl, I don't have any man so I don't need to trim or shave nothing or whatever. Is just me to see it."

Sandra, 51, rationalised, "Will waxing make it nicer? My husband met me when I shaved and after almost 26 years, he still seeing it shaved. He wouldn't enjoy it better if it was waxed."

Diane, 21, was the lone ranger in this series of interviews. "I, um, trim. I don't see anything wrong with that. Shaving gives me bumps and I don't want hot wax down there so…" Seeing my reaction, she continued, "Look, my boyfriend doesn't like it; he's always asking me to get rid of it because he said it grosses him out but nah. I think it's kinda cute how it is." Power to you, girl. Lo….ne ranger!

Stella, 32, quipped, "I will shave; that is okay for me. A Brazilian wax? Why? Do I wanna feel like there is a construction site with Heavy-T equipment operating in high gear in a rush to complete some project for which the deadline has been missed? Nooooo. That is a very sensitive area." I was stunned to say the least.

Ameera, 24, highlighted a lesser known trend. "I do all of the above! I wax my bikini line and go a little way in, then I shave down an area and trim accordingly." I was perplexed so I asked her to elaborate. Laughing, she obliged. "You see, I get my hair down there shaved and trimmed into a pattern or shape or whatever like a heart or something. Sometimes I even dye it in a colour. It's sexy and different. My man loves it!"

I know your eyebrows are raised almost into your hairline but she is not lying! When she explained, I remembered hearing about a place in East Trinidad that does that kind of um, procedure. It's a sort of underground fad, if you will

To each her own. I spoke to some men though, and they love it when women shave or wax. So if you don't do it for you, do it for him. Hell, some men would willingly assume the role of gardener for you. Trust me. Make it a fun thing. You will both laugh until it hurts and it may end up being a precursor to something…

Guys…will make a beeline for a fuzz-free feline!