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That review will determine whether the country’s legal and regulatory systems are in place to exchange tax information with other countries and, consequently, if T&T will remain on the EU’s non-compliant list.

Imbert made a statement in Parliament on the issue of T&T’s non-compliance with the EU standards on Friday, the same day that St Kitts and Nevis and The Bahamas were removed from the EU’s non-compliant list. The removal of those countries left T&T as the only non-compliant Caricom country. In his statement, Imbert said: “The rating of being non-compliant was one of the main contributors of T&T being listed as a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction by the European Union last year.

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But it does not mean, as has been incorrectly interpreted by some commentators, that T&T has been declared to be a tax haven. We are not compliant in terms of the sharing of information with the tax authorities in other countries.”


The University of the West Indies and Lake Asphalt have signed a licence agreement that will see Lake Asphalt commercialising two “superior” asphalt-based products developed by the university.

WHEN someone has attained the status of a judge, minister or Member of Parliament and they retire with a pension of a couple thousand dollars, people laugh at them.

ECONOMIST Dr Terrence Farrell believes the role of State-owned National Gas Company (NGC) needs to be re-examined and that the price the NGC pays to upstreamers for natural gas should be disclosed.

Business process outsourcing company, Iqor, said Wednesday  it has not sold its Trinidad and…

TWO more organisations have called for the postponement of the proposed amendments to the Freedom of Information Act Chap 22:02, due to the lack of public consultation.