On Corpus Christi local gardeners and gardening enthusiasts usually exercise their green thumb as it is believed that anything planted on this day will thrive. But for one group, planting a tree holds more than traditional sentiments.

Over the years the southern face of Trinidad’s Northern Range as well as the ranges of Central and South have been devastated by widespread fires during the dry season.

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This year has been one of the worst in the multiple fires that raged throughout, spurring local environmental organisations to expand on their present programmes to try to eradicate the problem.

Voluntary groups Protectors Of the Environment (POE) and the Greenleaf Youth Organisation/Co Ltd have formed an ongoing liaison to educate local communities and work towards effectively protecting our forests from fires and resulting havoc from flooding.


In view of the current heatwaves in Europe and predictions that this phenomenon will hit various parts of the Americas, the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) is urging countries in the region to be prepared due to the impact this could have on people’s health, including the risk of death.

Ganja, guns and girls, is the cynical response in verse from rapso artiste Ataklan to the proverbial question: What runs the world? The Morvant-born chantuelle, Ataklan (Mark Jiminez) has never shied away from opining on local society throughout his near three decades in music.

Nithya is a local music band on the rise. Built on friendship, and wide-ranging musical tastes, the band’s founder, Nirmala Sesnarayan, and her band mates, Kailash Dookran, Nari Jagroop, Yovindra Bridgelal and Adesh Sahadeo, set themselves apart by their intriguing level of versatility.

Marcus Braveboy says he finally understands himself as an artiste. The rapso cum hip hop cum trapso artiste is no stranger to reinvention. He has toured the world and worked with music producers on both sides of the Atlantic and everywhere in between.

Cocktail drinks flowed incessantly alongside water, music and paint in Tobago recently, as the sixth instalment of the annual Island Crashers weekend brought fun and enjoyment to hundreds of young people over on the sister isle.