Imagine being able to renew your driver’s licence online, or better yet, being able to use the Internet to get your first driver’s permit.

Many who have gone through the Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, experience of driver’s permit certification would describe it as long, drawn-out and mentally tiring. Moving that process online would be big step in removing one of Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest bureaucratic headaches. And it’s just a start. Long lines at the bank at month-end could and probably would also be a thing of the past.

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Caribbean FutureScape, a meeting and exposition held by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) from April 29 to May 1, gave a push to efforts by Caribbean countries to digitally connect and transform the region. TSTT, the country’s largest and most advanced communications provider, stands poised to be at the heart of this transformation. T&T and other Caribbean countries are being spurred by the example of Estonia, a small former Soviet Union Baltic state, that has moved many of the functions of citizen/government interaction online.


JUST by looking at a photograph of Mickey and Maria Mohammed with their children, one might assume that they are just your average family. While some families are built from the ground up - brick by brick so to speak- other families come ready-made as is the case with the Mohammeds.

Supa Soca Bass is soca music’s biggest ambassador in Denmark. More than a DJ, Supa Soca breathes authentic performance life into his high energy stage shows whenever he delivers the genre to Scandinavian crowds. He is a major reason there is a growing, thriving soca scene in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Richard “Charsu” Ahong is one of the most prolific music producers / songwriters out of the Caribbean. Over the years he has produced some 200 plus songs that have become hits, albeit classics for a number of artistes.

I was given a gift when entering this world, a mother and father carved from the most precious stone and filled with the breath of creativity. Together they moulded me into what I am today.

On Sunday June 2 Carl Jacobs, veteran singer/composer and club owner opened the doors of Kaiso Blues Café, Port of Spain, to 14 budding guitarists, all students of Gregory Pantin, owner and sole teacher of a guitar school. In his welcome address at the Guitar Recital, Pantin said: “This recital is an opportunity to challenge my students and to give them a platform to showcase their well-earned ability.