Is there immunity from infidelity?

Infidelity is all around us, and there’s apparently no escaping its disregard for religion, culture, ethnicity, and gender. Politicians, actors and sports stars have all succumbed to infidelity. This is not an article to debate if it happens more frequently to men than women because both have been unfaithful to a spouse or partner, some once and others on multiple occasions.

If you’re to reduce your odds of falling victim to infidelity from a statistical perspective, then you’re limiting your pool for finding love since you might choose to discriminate based on a person’s race, ethnicity, and profession. What you need to understand is that everyone is capable of infidelity.

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The North/East Pan Spektakula, originally scheduled for tomorrow has been shifted to Labour Day, June 19 at the same time and place, 7 p.m. at the Arima Velodrome from 7 p.m.

The world will tomorrow mark International Albinism Awareness Day—a special day reserved for increasing awareness about albinism and ending discrimination. This year’s theme, “Still Standing Strong”, acknowledges that the albinism community continues to remain united despite the challen­ges they encounter—and those challenges are many.

The first ever celebration of the United Nations World Food Safety Day, marked globally on June 7, aimed to strengthen efforts to ensure that the food we eat is safe.

Sheldon Blackman has carved out his slice of paradise in the reclusive hills of Oslo, Norway. Blackman, son of the late soca inventor Ras Shorty I (Garfield Blackman), owns, lives and farms half an acre of the sloping mountain side in the Norwegian Svart Skog—Black Forrest.