Missing: Chris Rivers

Mother of two, Roslyn Rivers, has a bad feeling about her younger daughter’s disappearance.

Her daughter, 24-year-old Chris Rivers, went missing on Monday morning. She was last seen entering a taxi to return home after working the night shift as a security guard at the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) sub station in New Grant.

Rivers said her daughter feared for her life after she walked away from an abusive relationship last year.

“She was being stalked and she was afraid to even stay at home alone. My daughter would call me several times when she was at work. She called me Monday morning and said she was going to get a taxi to come home and she never reached. I have this bad feeling that something has happened to her,” she said.

Rivers said her daughter would never run away from home. And she feared her child is in danger.

“If she was okay she would have contacted me already. She knows I would be worried about her. I am afraid she is hurt. My child needs help. I am begging anyone who knows anything to tell us, please,” she said.

Police said a man was detained and is being interviewed in connection with the woman’s disappearance.

Rivers said her daughter broke off a four-year relationship in October with a man with whom she lived with in Union Village, Mayaro. She returned to live with her mother at El Guanapo Estate, Rio Claro.

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It was then Rivers learned of years of physical and emotional abuse her child had faced.

“She would hide her scars and not tell me anything. When she came back home she started telling me about the horror she faced. My daughter had two miscarriages because she was severely beaten by the man. She lost the baby in December around the time of her birthday. She had to do five procedures at hospital,” the mother said.

Rivers said when her daughter did not return home on Monday morning she knew something was wrong and went to the Princes Town police station.

Chris Rivers is of African descent, approximately 161 centimetres (five feet three inches) tall and slim built with a light brown complexion. She was last seen wearing a black round-neck T-shirt, a pair of black long pants and a pair of black sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police at 999, 555, 800-TIPS or any police station via text/ WhatsApp to 482-GARY (4279).


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