Police believe someone killed a woman and attempted to dispose of the body by setting it on fire near at oil production installation in Santa Flora.

The bones were found on Sunday by two watchmen, but it was only on Monday that officers were called.

Near the bones were a bra and a pleated skirt.

Also found were burnt pieces of vinyl, carpet and cushion covers.

Police believe they were used to burn the body.

The remains were found near disposable toilets at the facility which is operated by the Heritage Petroleum Company, formerly Petrotrin.

Police said there was no flesh on the bones, which meant it had been at the location for some length of time.

Missing persons reports are being checked.

A similar discovery was made at a Santa oil installation two years ago.

On December 28, 2017, the body of a woman in an advanced state of decomposition was found face down on the soil, legs and arms splayed at No 9 Petrotrin Field Road near oil pump #481.

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It took five months for it to be identified as the body of missing Freeport mother Anita Mohammed.

The remains were confirmed to be hers through the matching of the dentures of the body found on December 28 to Mohammed’s dental records.

Mohammed, a widowed mother, disappeared on December 18 that year.

She left her home in Freeport in her black Toyota Hilux Vigo and was seen by villagers headed north.

She was never seen alive again. Her killing remains unsolved.