Police say they found this during the arrests.

POLICE said a seven month old baby was found with three Venezuelans, firearms, game fowls and suspected drug-laced cheese in Moruga on Sunday.

The officers said the Venezuelans and illegal items were found in two vehicles driven by two men, of Maraval.

Officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU), Anti-kidnapping Unit, Southern Division Task Force together with officers of the Airway Division were on an exercise at Cachipe Village when they stopped the two vehicles.

Police said the baby was found in one of the vehicles in which there were two women and a man - all Venezuelan nationals.

In the trunks of the vehicles officers allegedly found six game fowl and three buckets of cheese.

Officers said they also found a Sig Pro pistol with two loaded extended magazines - one with 30 rounds of ammunition, and the other with ten rounds of ammunition.

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The drivers were arrested for possession of the firearms and ammunition, and illegal animals, and taken into police custody.

The baby with the Venezuelans were handed over to Immigration officials.

The cheese was expected to be taken for drug testing.

Insp Parriman, Cpls Ramcharan and Mulrain, and PC Kalloo and others were on the exercis


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