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Dr Vin Sein Chiang

A 75-year-old medical doctor was killed in a robbery near his home before dawn on Wednesday.

Dr Vin Sein Chiang of Lover’s Lane, Wallerfield, was found dead next to his vehicle.

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Crime scene officers at the scene of the killing.

The Express was told that Chiang had left home at 5a.m., telling his wife that he was heading to Port of Spain.

Moments later, a commotion was heard outside.

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Dr Vin Sein Chiang

Two men were seen confronting the 75-year-old as he stood outside his silver Mitsubishi Sportero pick up van.

The doctor was shot dead and the men fled.

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chiang (1).jpeg

Dr Vin Sein Chiang lived at Lover's Lane

In an unrelated incident, two men were shot along Dibe Road, Long Circular, St James.

At about 5a.m. police received a report of gunshots in an area along Dibe Road known as “The Creek”.

The victims, Trevon Lewis and Mark Ellis, were taken to the St James Infirmary by PC Goddard and PC Lewis of the Emergency Response Patrol Unit.