The shocking image of the dead iguana was posted on his wife Cheryl's Facebook page and is believed to have been taken at a house in Dundee. Source: Daily Mail/Facebook

Former national footballer and former Scottish football club player Richard Roy has come to the attention of an animal welfare charity for allegedly cooking and eating an iguana in the UK.

Roy, 31, has been criticised on Facebook where his wife, Cheryl, posted a picture of him smiling and holding a dead iguana by its tail, with the wife stating that her husband “would be eating it later”.

The photo appeared to have been taken in his kitchen at his house in Dundee, Scotland.

According to international news reports, his wife responded to critics by telling them to “mind their own damn business”.

“People need to mind their own damn business. Far too many people having a lot to say about other people's lives. If you don't like how I live my life, remove yourself, please”, she wrote.

His wife, who works at a care home, allegedly claimed that it was a joke.

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She later removed the post from her Facebook page.

According to an online article on the Daily Mail, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said it has been made aware of the photograph and a specialist team of officers is investigating the claim.


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