Coleen Holder

Coleen Holder

A “hit” has been placed on the life of Oropune resident Colleen Holder.

However, Holder said she will not be scared out of her home and she does not intend to leave Oropune.

“I was given reliable information this morning (Thursday) that a hit was placed on my life today because I spoke out on issues in Oropune Gardens,” Holder told the Express.

Holder said Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and National Security Minister Stuart Young are aware of the situation and she has already been contacted by senior officials from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

She said she received a call yesterday morning from a “reliable” person whom she would trust with her life and who informed her that her death was booked.

“The specific words that I got were ‘green light’ or ‘green lit’ and the explanation was ‘shoot and burn’,” said Holder.

She said it was unfortunate that she has become a target because she spoke out on issues on behalf of the Oropune residents.

Holder said is not fearful but she has heightened her personal security.

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She said there has been support for her and most of the Oropune residents are rallying around her.

“It’s not just my fight,” said Holder, adding that she understands why people stay silent on issue but she will not.

On Wednesday the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) contractors moved into Oropune and demolished illegal businesses and structures including those belonging to Anthony “One Foot” Knights. On the heels of this, threatening comments were made on social media to Holder.

“U see the woman who like to feel she’s the mayor of Oropune you’ll hear about her just now eh she will know when them ready to out she light,” one person posted.


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