Justice Frank Seepersad

PSC ‘MISOGYNISTIC’: Justice Frank Seepersad

PREGNANCY being viewed as an inconvenience has no place in a democratic society.

So said Justice Frank Seepersad as he yesterday directed that the Public Service Commission (PSC) reconsider its position that a prison officer who went on maternity leave had resigned her job.

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Presiding at the San Fernando High Court, Justice Seepersad said, “in a system which is heavily staffed by men”, it appeared the position adopted by the prison service was “misogynistic and archaic”.

“The court has been left with the impression that the defendant may have viewed the claimant’s pregnancy as an inconvenience. Any such notion, however, has no place in a democratic and progressive society where equality of treatment under the law and gender equality should be viewed as being of paramount import … The course of action adopted by the defendant has been characterised by a disturbing degree of arbitrariness and has instilled a measure of disquiet in the court’s mind,” Seepersad said.


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