The Piarco International Airport. Source: Airports Authority

A Jamaican national refused entry into Trinidad and Tobago upon his arrival at the Piarco International Airport, made a success escape into the country on Saturday.

He ran out of the airport and disappeared.

The Airports Authority says it was the responsibility of the airline that brought the escapee into the country to secure him.

The case is now one for the police service, says the Airport Authority.

In a statement, the Airports said ti wanted to clarify information on an incident involving an arriving international passenger.

“The Authority hereby confirms that a Jamaican national, who was refused entry into Trinidad and Tobago and awaiting a return flight to Jamaica, eluded Immigration and airline security officials and exited the airport.

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The Authority advises that by law, persons who are refused entry by the Immigration Division become the responsibility of the airline. The Authority is not in a position to discuss security measures being put in place to prevent a recurrence of this situation. However such questions could be directed to the Immigration Division or the airline’s security”.

A Pakistani national refused entry also tried to run out of the airport two months ago. He was captured and deported.


THE Venezuelan migrant registration process was completed in Port of Spain and San Fernando yesterday. A statement from the Ministry of National Security yesterday said Venezuelans who were in line at the San Fernando registration centre as at 5 p.m. on Friday were taken into the facility and processed.

CHAGUANAS West MP Ganga Singh on Friday night broke party ranks and voted with the People’s National Movement (PNM) in support of the clause which sought to ensure pension hikes for parliamentarians and judges.

JUST one day after Government closed the two-week registration process for Venezuelan migrants in this country, Central Division police carried out a raid at a warehouse in Rodney Road, Chaguanas, and detained nearly a dozen Venezuelan women.

IT IS a case of an economist’s view versus that of an energy veteran. The contention: The role and function of 100 per cent State-owned National Gas Company (NGC).