One of Trinidad and Tobago’s most wanted men has been arrested by police.

The La Horquetta man is wanted in connection with a number of shootings and shooting related offences.

He was arrested during Operation Strike Back exercises conducted in Northern Division on Saturday by officers of the Northern Division Task Force, Area East, Arima Police Station, Arima Criminal Investigations Department and Northern Division Gang Unit.

Following intense surveillance, officers conducted the exercise, which was coordinated by ACP McDonald Jacob. During the operations, the 30-yearold suspect of Amaralis Drive, was arrested for possession of a Glock 17 pistol, a magazine containing eight rounds of 9mm ammunition, an extended magazine and a side of socks containing 32 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

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In addition, two reputed gang leaders from the Port of Spain district, have been charged for various offences and remain in police custody.

Police say that over the past five days, there was not a homicide, shooting or wounding attributed to gang related activity, while in the five days prior to the raising of the police alert state to ‘Red’, there were 22 such incidents.

In a statement on Sunday afternoon, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith commended all officers of the Northern and Port of Spain Divisions for their dedication and hard work which made these arrests possible.


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