In light of the impending increase for our “performing” parliamentarians, it is worthwhile to know that the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has just turned down a recommended US$12,000 pay rise. She said it wasn’t acceptable and has moved to freeze MP’s salaries for a year.

“We do not believe, given that we are on the upper end of the salary scale, that we should be receiving that kind of salary increase,” she said. “Because we, of course, are already on a high income.... One of the things we’ve been trying to bridge as a government is the fact that we see these increases at the top end of the scale, without the same increase at the end of the scale where most New Zealanders sit.”

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IT is readily apparent that, as predicted, the registration process for migrant Venezuelans is taking the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago into much deeper commitments than those anticipated.

THE Attorney General is not a one-man show. He must have the approval of the Cabinet, particularly the Prime Minister, for his actions.

THE American performer, Madonna, had a huge hit in the 1980s called “Papa Don’t Preach”. The video seemed to be on repeat on MTV. The story was about a young Catholic woman who fell for a young man who was, to say the least, rather easy on the eye, but a bit of a no-good. She got pregnant before marriage and was breaking the news to her father.

I have never seen Trinidad and Tobago in a state of uncertainty as it has been these past few days. The issue of Venezuelan refugees seeking the protection of our shores has genuinely tested us. Many embraced them openly, but others have been quite vocal about protecting our rights as citizens. Permit me to attempt to make sense of the whole situation.