I attended a recent meeting in Diego Martin about the proposed flyover to permit traffic out of Diego Martin to turn right towards the west (Carenage and Chaguaramas).

The meeting was well attended and the majority of attendees were evidently interested in the Western Savannah more than another ugly flyover and various other schemes like a new headquarters for the Diego Martin Regional Corporation (DMRC) and other bits of land mysteriously reserved for unstated purposes.

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The meeting was a classic case of government divide and rule. This major project was divided into—DMRC headquarters, the flyover, the Savannah, as yet unstated projects.

All the projects are on the same area of as yet unused space and affect the immediate surroundings. By pretending the flyover is a separate project requiring a separate Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) the authorities can limit discussion to that component only and gradually obtain approvals for the whole area which can then be sullied by typical ruinous development.


Curiouser and curiouser best describes the conflict between the chairman of State-owned Tourism Trinidad Ltd (TTL) and the Government regarding the tenure of the Board of Directors of the tourism state enterprise.

Don’t know about you, but nowadays when the Prime Minister speaks, I want to reach for the headphones or a violin. What a whiner.

With its previous iteration having endured four years of legislative purgatory, the Andrew Holness administration has finally resurrected the sexual harassment bill, in a form that it says will better address a problem that disproportionately affects women in a society where male power is dominant and sexual ego among its defining characteristics.

This week saw two instances where citizens fought back against the criminality that seems to have covered the nation. In Couva this week, bandits were shot by a security guard. The outcome, had the guard not been there and properly armed and/or trained, we would not have been able to tell. Would it have been another headline, “Business owner and security guard murdered”?

In the mid-60s, Paul Simon wrote, “And in the naked light I saw/10,000 people maybe more/ people talking without speaking/people hearing without listening/ people writing songs that voices never share/and no one dared disturb the sound of silence”.