I refer to a letter published in the Express on Tuesday which was written by Lennie M Nimblett, which carried the heading “The sound of silence reigns in CJ’s case” (Page 14).

On the issue of the allegation of misbehaviour in public office by Chief Justice Archie, Nimblett wanted to know, (and I quote his words) “Why have all the critics gone silent, the newspapers, the judges, the Law Association, senior counsel lawyers, the Opposition, the ordinary members of the public?”

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IF, in the midst of the upsurge of carnage, the best that the Government could do is lean heavier on Crime Stoppers then it is evident that it has no roadmap for leading the country out of the criminal quagmire in which it is caught.

Trinidad and Tobago has been ranked within the top ten countries in the world for online porn consumption per capita on the Google search engine too many times. This is a startling fact. What does this mean? What in our past or present reality has driven us to pornography in such desperate numbers? This is alarming to say the least.