As criminals in this country continue to kill, commit violent acts such as arson and other serious offences, the time has come to immediately address and improve the archaic justice system in T&T.

The judiciary recently promised to re-organise each district court which they claimed would serve to create a much more improved system. In addition to this they should seek to improve efficiency and productivity. They acknowledge the desperate need for better management systems and accountability and they claim to be seeking to improve their services, but why does it appear that those improvements have not been made?

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The main purpose of the criminal justice system is to deliver justice for all, rich and poor alike, by correctly convicting and fairly punishing the guilty. They are also required to ensure that criminals stop offending, while at the same time protecting the innocent from harm.

We need to drastically improve the efficiency of the court system which is archaic to say the least. There is an immediate need for the establishment and the sustained development of systems for the proper handling of criminal cases.


T&T has recently been downgraded in its currency sovereign rating by Standard and Poor’s…