Forres Park Landfill

It is with more than a hint of disappointment that SWMCOL views recent statements appearing in the press attributed to its former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ronald Roach.

In April, Mr. Roach submitted written correspondence to the Board of Directors articulating his intention to resign from the company to pursue new opportunities. The Board subsequently accepted Mr Roach’s decision and thanked him unreservedly for his service.  His resignation took effect from June 5, 2019.

It is deeply regrettable that the circumstances surrounding the former CEO’s departure from the company are now being played out needlessly in the public domain. Quite ironically, however, the statements appear to cast a questionable shadow over what may well have been some of the very milestones SWMCOL achieved under Mr Roach’s leadership.

Currently, SWMCOL is engaged in a series of partnerships aimed at boosting its capacity in the sphere of waste resource management and recycling. In this regard, the company has implemented four recycling programmes that include the Community & Youth Outreach Programme, which focusses on schools and communities with the sole aim of raising awareness about proper disposal practices. The other programmes outline Public Sector Recycling, Workplace Waste Reduction and Recycling and Curbside Recycling with the Municipal Corporations. These, along with the development of the Engineered Landfill, are in line to modernise integrated waste management systems locally.

Altogether, these projects are geared towards reducing major threats to human health and the environment - from landfill fires to widespread flooding.

Notwithstanding the recent turn of events, SWMCOL’s Board continues resolutely in its work, together with the acting CEO, Management Team and Staff, to improve the waste management systems in Trinidad and Tobago.