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I meet many men who make significant sacrifices for their children. When I enquire about their experience of being fathered, I learn most of them have had bad experiences. They are giving their children what they never experienced. This is heroic and commendable. 

The Government case for inserting the Attorney General into the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is illogical and, as the Law Association has shown, easily dismissed by the facts.

According to a recent article in the press, Chaguanas West MP Ganga Singh said he supported the clause for pension hikes for judges and parliamentarians, because he realised that for those who have retired, their lives have become “extremely difficult” as they receive a paltry pension.

Standing in line to be registered to stay in Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuelans were being offered jobs by local companies. These migrants will work hard, be pleasant at their job, because they have to support themselves and family back in Venezuela. Trinis saying: “The crime rate going to go up.” “They going to take away our husbands/wives.” Well the marriage must have been “on the rocks” long before.

Though I care not for his idiomatic turn of phrase, still I always listen to the Prime Minister even when he’s got below zero to say.

Two loud cheers for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, thus far, for its handling, over the last year, of the crisis facing the Venezuelan nation and people. If the Government now extends the registration period for undocumented Venezuelans in T&T, it would surely deserve a resounding three cheers!

As the Caribbean co-ordinator for World Day of the Boy Child May 16 and International Men’s Day November 19, I wish to publicly register my gratitude to the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development and the Division of Community Development Enterprise Development and Labour for their focus on men’s issues and men’s health.

Whenever we talk about diversification of our economy the topic of agriculture comes up as a venture that in the first instance can, via food production for local consumption, reduce the foreign exchange spent on imports and also serve as an export economic activity. 

IT is readily apparent that, as predicted, the registration process for migrant Venezuelans is taking the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago into much deeper commitments than those anticipated.