Kimberly Wallace

JUST by looking at a photograph of Mickey and Maria Mohammed with their children, one might assume that they are just your average family. While some families are built from the ground up - brick by brick so to speak- other families come ready-made as is the case with the Mohammeds.

The world will tomorrow mark International Albinism Awareness Day—a special day reserved for increasing awareness about albinism and ending discrimination. This year’s theme, “Still Standing Strong”, acknowledges that the albinism community continues to remain united despite the challen­ges they encounter—and those challenges are many.

WHEN she was a child Krystal Joseph hated her name. She thought it was too common and not unique enough to match her personality. However her perspective changed once she began to develop a passion for crystals - the semi precious stones that inspired her name.

OF all the methods used to document history, art may be the oldest. Long before the days of paintbrushes and canvases, ancient wall carvings revealed the behaviours and rituals of long-forgotten cultures.

IN certain parts of the world, it is unusual to see Muslims and Christians working together for a good cause. Years of conflict and enmity have resulted in mistrust between both sides which persists to this very day.

WHEN Marcus Braveboy (formerly Mark Hardy) began making music professionally ten years ago, following the crowd was never on the agenda. 

IT’S no secret that our cocoa is world class. Indeed, our very own Trinitario is so exceptional in its taste and quality that it is among the exclusive one per cent of the world’s finest flavoured cocoa.

THERE was a time years ago when Jaron Nurse got attention for the things he did, now it’s what he’s saying—or in this case singing—that has people talking. The 29-year-old is walking in the footsteps of fellow gospel artistes Sherwin Gardner, Sean Daniel, Gitta Dan and Positive, crossing over to secular radio with his song, “Fed Up”, which has united youth and elders both Christian and of other belief systems.

MOUNTAINS are often used as a metaphor to describe obstacles or lofty ambitions. But Safiyyah Ali is more preoccupied with literal mountains—mountains so majestic yet formidable that they can only be conquered after years of intense preparation and countless hours of physical and mental training.

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