Marlon Miller

SHOULD it have been declared a tie and England and New Zealand share the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup title? Should they have played another Super Over?

“COMING to a country in turmoil,” I wrote my daughter when Theresa May resigned as British Prime Minister, just days before my departure to visit her in Nottingham at the end of May.

SIR MICHAEL STOUTE and his team are ready to march into battle and attempt to add to his tally as the all-time leading trainer at Royal Ascot, the annual five-day extravaganza that is acclaimed as the “most spectacular” in the world of racing.

“SIR, the line for the bus is over here!” With not much time and a train to catch, I was just hoping he wasn’t talking to me. Then I heard it again: “Sir, the line for the bus starts over here!” and the voice was heading in my ­direction.

NO matter how old you get, you should take the time to savour a piece of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

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